Engine Reconditioning For your 1929-1955 Chevrolet Straight Six Engine
Part V: Reconditioning Your Straight Six Engine

Bearing overhaul on the older type engines requires line-boring equipment which should be done in a shop specializing in this kind of work. In later engines precision type shells are used as service replacement. View>>>


A Brief Message

Dear Friends,

What drives you to enjoy vintage cars? Do you do it for the sake of making a profit, or do you do it for the purpose of ensuring history is kept alive and to enjoy the old-car culture?

I'm for the latter, it drives me with every decision I make about the hobby. I am always honored to have an opportunity to share with young people the exciting culture that comes with old car restoration and preservation. Initiative number one that I will be pushing is for ride & drive programs by the Chevy collecting community.

If you have children or grand children who haven't had a chance to drive your old car, perhaps now is time, before it gets to cold and mother nature doesn't cooperate. The first step to letting young generations know that these cars are fun, it to get them time in the car, and on the road.

Happy Motoring,

James W. Burnes

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Did you know?

Last week we received an inquiry from Robert of Minnesota:

Q. You said that Chevrolet was the sales leader from 1936 -1976 (and beyond). Didn't Ford win?

A. Yes, we weren't clear in the earlier answer about differentiating between model years and calendar years. Ford actually won for the number sold of cars identified as 1957 models selling approximately 1.67 million units. (See a previous Did You Know about sales leadership.)

When it comes to cars sold during 1957 calendar year however, Chevrolet won by a margin of 136 cars. According to Ray Miller's Chevrolet - U.S.A.-1, Ford produced 1,522,408 cars and Chevrolet produced 1,522,549. Possibly the closest production battle ever!

Our answer should have said that Ford won in 1957 because when we refer to years we typically mean model years and not calendar years. Thanks for noticing the error!

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questions @vintagechevrolet.org

Connecting Rods, Bearings, and Piston Repair
Part IV: Reconditioning Your Straight Six Engine
The block has checked out OK, the next step is getting your rods, bearing, and pistons in tip top shape.
more >>>

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How Can You Be Featured In Our Newest Series?

Do you have any repair tricks or tips for the Chevrolet 216 & 235 engines?

We'd like to feature your expertise and experience in our ongoing series about the early Straight Six engines. We'd enjoy adding your input about methods, tools and repair ideas you have used during the restoration, reconditioning, or repair of your Straight Six engine.

Email us your stories and help other enthusiasts take better care of their cars.





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